Imaging System De-Installation Projects

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A medical facility expansion or the acquisition of a new health center may necessitate that imaging equipment be moved from its current location. An imaging system de-installation project involves hiring a certified team to conduct the planning, transport, and setup stages essential.

Movement Considerations

The pieces of imaging equipment that you own have likely cost you thousands of dollars. Selling the equipment to an outside source may not provide you with the funds needed to invest in new equipment.

Any pieces of imaging equipment that are in excellent shape can be moved to another part of your medical facility or to a new facility that is being constructed. A certified team of medical imaging movers will conduct an assessment of the equipment you have onsite. They will use future reference points to prepare a moving plan. Once the equipment is moved, it will be set up according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

Your Assessment

Assess the new location where each piece of imaging equipment will ultimately be installed. Record the dimensions within each room or area. Next, write down the types of imaging equipment that you need professionally moved. Include the model number of each piece of equipment.

Highlight any accessories or special modifications that the moving crew may need to know about. If a machine has any extension pieces that alter the size of the equipment, the moving crew may need to make special plans to accommodate the de-installation process and moving process.

The Execution

The de-installation project will be conducted in stages. First, consult with the team members who will be performing the services. Provide details about the imaging equipment. Set up an appointment for the service team to assess the location where the equipment will be moved. A professional moving team will be equipped to move MRI equipment, digital X-ray machines, mammography machines, and any other imaging devices that are used in medical settings.

During the actual move, the team members you have hired will disconnect the electrical components that are used to power up the imaging equipment. They will separate equipment pieces that are detachable. Then, dollies and other transport aids will be used to move the equipment into a service vehicle. Once the move has been executed, the team members will set up the equipment and inspect it. A report of assembly that the moving team furnishes you with will certify that the equipment has been assembled properly.