New Doctor's Offices: Can Brain Performance Tests Help Your Patients?

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If some of your patients complain of memory loss or a similar issue, you may use traditional methods to test your patients for age-related memory loss and other conditions that may affect their ability to think. But if your tests don't help you diagnose your patients properly, use brain performance tests instead. Learn more about brain performance tests and how to purchase them below.

What Are Brain Performance Tests?

Brain performance tests come in kits that contain electroencephalogram (EEG) headsets, scanners, and other equipment you can use to diagnose and treat your patients properly. The tests examine the way the brain functions in different scenarios and in different situations. When used properly, brain performance tests can help you and other doctors detect age-related memory loss, brain trauma, tumors, and other conditions that affect the brain's functions.

The equipment and tools used in brain performance tests are unique and innovative. One of the most innovative tools used in brain performance testing is the portable EEG headset. The headset fits over a patient's head like a small electronic cap or visor. The device uses the cap or visor to take detailed images or maps of an individual's head and brain. 

Each device above comes with tiny electrodes and wires that detect and record the brain's functions. The headset also uses different modes, or channels, to help you pick up or detect a patient's brainwaves. The electrodes, wires, and channels allow you to send recordings or images directly to a 3D printer or computer. You can use the 3D prints to locate growths and other problems in a patient's head.

If you think EEG headsets and other performance tests can help you diagnose your patients, purchase your tools today.

How Do You Order Your Brain Performance Tests?

The best way to obtain the brain performance tests you need is to purchase them from a medical equipment and supply company online. A medical equipment and supply company may offer a wide range of kits for your needs, including kits that come with EEG headsets. You want to choose a kit that contains everything your medical office needs. 

Also, choose a kit that comes with reporting abilities. Along with 3D scans and prints, you also want to create detailed logs or reports of your medical findings. You can use the reports to plan your patients' treatments or referrals. 

Learn more about brain performance tests and how to order them by contacting a medical equipment and supply company, such as Midwest Brain Health.