How Do You Know Which Type Of Lift Recliner Is The Best Choice For You?

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Lift recliners are motorized chairs that can tilt forwards in order to help people stand up from a sitting position. They're ideal for people who have poor mobility or who are recovering from injuries or surgeries, as these recliners make it easy to get in and out of the chair. Since all lift chairs need to be motorized in order to tilt forwards, manufacturers make use of the motor to add extra comfort features to their chairs. The motor allows them to recline into different positions, which makes spending time in the chair more comfortable.

When purchasing a lift chair, you'll have the option of buying either a two-position chair, a three-position chair, or an infinite-position chair. To learn more about the difference between them and how you can choose the right type for you, read on.

Two-Position Lift Recliners

Two-position recliners have a single motor that allows the chair to switch between a normal upright sitting position and a reclined position. In the reclined position, the leg rest moves upwards while the backrest reclines slightly. These chairs are the least expensive type of lift recliners due to their limited moving parts.

A two-position recliner is a good choice if you enjoy the comfort of a standard recliner — the reclined position is identical, but the motor allows the chair to shift into the reclined position without you needing to kick up the leg rest or lean down on the backrest to recline the chair yourself. Like all lift recliners, a two-position recliner can also tilt forwards to help you stand up from the chair.

Three-Position Lift Recliners

Three-position recliners have a single motor, like two-position recliners. However, they feature an additional position that allows the backrest to lower further than a standard recliner. Many people find this position more comfortable for sleeping, and it also helps to shift weight off of your back and towards your legs.

These chairs are a good option for people who plan on napping in their lift recliners. The backrest can recline more deeply, making sleeping in the chair more similar to sleeping in a bed. In addition, these chairs are also a good choice if you suffer from chronic back pain, as shifting weight away from your back reduces the stress on your spine and your back muscles.

Infinite-Position Lift Recliners

Infinite-position recliners have two motors instead of the single motor featured in two-position and three-position recliners. One motor controls the leg rest and the other controls the backrest, and they can be operated independently. This gives infinite-position recliners the most freedom to move. In addition, infinite-position recliners are capable of fully reclining the backrest until it's parallel with the floor. When the leg rest is fully lifted at the same time, this makes the chair completely horizontal.

While infinite-position recliners are the most expensive type due to the additional motor, the added cost is often worth it for people who want to sleep in their lift recliner and can't tolerate any sort of incline in the backrest. Since an infinite-position recliner can become completely horizontal, sleeping in one is nearly identical to sleeping in a regular bed.

Infinite-position recliners are also a good choice for people who have poor circulation, as the leg rest can be lifted until your feet are higher than your heart. This makes it much easier for your heart to pump blood throughout your body since it doesn't have to compete as much against gravity.

If you're having trouble deciding what type of lift recliner would suit you best, you may want to consider trying them out in person. Many medical supply stores offer demonstration models that you can sit and recline in to find out which one suits you best. Regardless of the type that you choose, all lift chairs will help you stand up from a sitting position. Picking the chair with the right reclining options helps you feel more comfortable when you're spending time relaxing in the chair.