Specialty Tools That Can Make A Firefighter's Job Easier

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Firefighters have a lot of tools at their disposal but sometime they need something special that is not part of the things they are issued. There are many things that help make the job easier and some that are just convenient. There are some specialty shops that deal in these items and many offer online shopping to make buying items easier.

Helmet Mounted Lights

Firefighters have long been placing lights on the side of their helmets using old inner tubes as large elastic bands to secure the light. Now manufactures of small durable lights are making brackets from aluminum that use the screws that hold the visor on to secure it to the helmet. The flashlight is then attached to the bracket and shines light wherever the firefighter is looking. There are many styles of lights and brackets available so deciding what works best comes down to individual choice.

Leather Radio Straps

Another great addition to the firefighter's everyday gear is a leather radio strap. This strap goes over the firefighter's shoulder and should have a pouch for the radio at the end. It holds the radio securely at the firefighter's side for easy access but keeps it protected and out of the way, allowing them to do their job. These straps are also available in nylon or other lightweight, fire resistant fabrics if you prefer them.

Custom Helmets

Many firefighters prefer a leather or more traditional style helmet than those issued to them. While the helmets are not different in the way they protect the firefighter, they hold special meaning to many by connecting them to tradition dating back for generations. There are many different styles of helmets available from online retailers and specialty stores as well as directly from the manufacturers of these helmets. Choosing the right size, style, and color are all important so call and talk to the retailer if you are not sure what you need or want.

Extrication and Rescue Gloves

Another great product for the firefighter that is not normally part of their issued gear are a pair of extrication and rescue gloves. These gloves go further than the standard gloves issues to firefighters because they are cut resistant and designed to be used around sharp metal and broken glass. There are many different styles and colors available so check with the retailer to see what they offer. Also check with your department to ensure that they are approved for use on the job.